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Image above by Autumn_c. Just a little joke between us about how we wound up being the last chatters standing in the very first Avatarchat we both participated in.

Just a little warning - I am a -very- open-minded sort of person. So open-minded, you may find me disturbing. On AtLA ships, I'm a multi-shipper plus I write both het and slash (male or female), plus I have a particular fondness for triangle stories and threesomes. The only thing that squicks me are incest and child rape/abuse.

On incest, I'm actually quite tolerant - my favorite Greek myth couple is Hades/Persephone (uncle/niece) and my favorite Egyptian myth couple is Osiris/Isis (brother/sister) - I even have a favorite myth incest slash couple Seth/Horus (uncle/nephew).

On child rape/abuse - has to be written extremely well.

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